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1095 - 595mm Lengths

Made in the UK, 1095 is a high carbon steel which is an easier steel to work with. It also can produce hamon lines when heat treated correctly, however I would recommend 26C3 instead of 1095 for better hamon lines. 1095 is great paired with 15N20 for Damascus steel and also makes a great blade steel by itself!
C: 0.9-1.03%
Mn: 0.3-0.5%
P: 0.03%
S: 0.05%

Heat Treatment Information
Heat to 800 - 830 degrees centigrade
Oil Quench (We recommend our Rye 50 Oil)
Temper for 1 hour:

200 degrees centigrade for 63HRc

230 degrees centigrade for 62HRc 

260 degrees centigrade for 59-60HRc

Supplied Cold Rolled and Annealed

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1095 - 595mm Lengths
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