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DSC Titan - Leopard Skin

As a long-term specialist in the production of Damascus steel, over a period of 25 years, we offer you, as the only smithy in Europe, a very special variety of Damascus, DSC® titan. This unique Titanium Damascus is produced using two or more grades of Titanium. Our process is based on the tried and true methods applied in production of our DSC® Damascus Superclean. We can therefore also guarantee a high quality and consistent product for our DSC® titan.

The Characteristics.

- Lighter than steel

- Absolutely stainless and rust free

- Controllable coloration by heat treatment

- Various dimensions and patterns available

- Reliability (e.g. consistent product with fault free welds)

- Spring stiffness possible (for clips etc.)

- Ideal for high-tech products


Leopard Skin:

6mm x 49mm x 200mm - £156.00

2.7mm x 49mm x 150mm - £96.00