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Precision ground flat stock, gauge plate and silver steel,plus hard to find tool and stainless steels as well as popular knife making steels from leading US and European mills.

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GFS Knife Supply can offer 30 premium grades of Carbon, Stainless, High Speed and Damascus steels designed for knife, cutlery and tool manufacture. 

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Handles & Sheaths

We have complimented our steels with a range of other materials such as stabilised woods and composite materials, grinding belts from 3M and Norton heat treatment accessories. 

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We are able to ship our products all over the world. For UK deliveries we use DPD, all EU shipments are delivered by DHL with no further charges, taxes or tariffs. The rest of the world is delivered by UPS with most deliveries made within 3 days of order!

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Our Story

Our industrial roots go back over a total of 80 years together with the manufacture of Ground Flat Stock and Gauge Plate that is used in many industrial applications such as motor-sport, aerospace and machine knives.

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  • These guys are unbelievably good. Used multiple times. Dispatch is so fast and great on the phone with any questions.

    Richard M

  • I’ve found that being a knife maker in the UK can be difficult at times, as the necessary supplies and especially good steels can be hard to come by.

    Jacob Taylor

  • Thank goodness these guys exist.

    Only place for a wide selection of knife making metals in the UK and always fast, good service.

    Ordered several times and never any problems. Some stock comes and goes but the mainstays are always available.

    Alex Smith

  • I'm hobbyist knife maker and I'm quite surprised how great service make this shop every order delivered early or on time large selection of assortment just happy deal with this shop.

    Thank you very much guy's....👍👍👍

    Pak Pako

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