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Poly Quench XL400-F1

Poly Quench XL400-F1 is a polymer based quenching as opposed to oil based. When mixed with water it creates a stable environment for quenching your blades. It also has a multitude of benefits compared to oil quenching including:

No Fire

No Fumes

Minimal Scale Clean-up

Can be disposed of easily and environmentally friendly 


Suggested Mix Rates:-

90% Water 10% XL400-F1 for fast quenching steels (26C3, 1095, 15N20, 80CrV2, 1080, 1075)


70% Water 30% XL400-F1 for slower quenching steels (O1, O7, 1.2419, D2)


Supplied in 5L drums

This product is unable to be shipped to the EU.

Sorry out of stock, however click here to get notified when it comes back into stock!

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