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NovaCure Stabilising Resin 10 Litres

NoveCure Stabilising Resin – As used by NovaWood, Germany’s leading wood stabiliser and other industrial wood stabilisers across the world! This resin has been specifically designed and developed for optimal, long lasting and quality stabilisation of your wooden blocks and scales. We also stock a full range of NovaCure Dyes as well! Supplied in a non-activated state with an activated shelf life of 6 months, this is the game changer in wood stabilisation!



We have tested NovaCure resin, and we are satisfied with its quality. The NovaCure resin has a nice light colour and a very low viscosity, thanks to which it penetrates the wood well. Comparing it to other resins, about 5% greater weight gain is obtained. We also tested the NovaCure with two Alumlite dyes and there were no problems.


Safety Guidelines:-

Use in a well ventilated room

Wear protective gloves and glasses

Do not decant

Store in a cool dark place


Directions for use: 

  • Activate the resin by adding the activator to resin (Shake before adding)
  • Add dye to resin if required
  • Add wood (Dry Wood) to vacuum chamber and cover in activated resin (Submerge the block and over fill by 2 to 4cms)
  • Start vacuum pump and control frothing with ventilation
  • Evacuate the air in the chamber until no more bubbles come out of the piece
  • Stop the pump and leave for a minimum of 12 hours, the resin needs to be fully covering the wood for full penetration
  • Remove the wood and wrap in aluminium foil – excess resin can be stored in a clean air-tight container for future use
  • Harden the piece at 95°C for 4 to 5 hours.


Supplied in 10L Drum in a non-activated state.

Sorry out of stock, however click here to get notified when it comes back into stock!

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