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Inox Ring Dot Pattern

Inox (Stainless) Damascus steel manufactured from a combination of N690 and 440C stainless steels. Excellent corrosion resistance while maintaining an excellent cutting edge. Compared to other stainless Damascus steels it has an easier heat treatment.



Ring Dot


Suggested Heat Treatment:

Heat to 1070C – Hold for 6 minutes

Oil Quench (Suggested oil is Rye 32)

Temper for two hours at 170C for 60-62HRc or

Temper for two hours at 200C for 58-60HRc


Etching Information:

For Bright Contrast:

Finish up to a 2000 grit

Acid treatment for 6 minutes at 45C (Suggested acid is Sulfuric)

Neutralise in Sodium Bicarbonate

To finish 1000, 2000, 3000 grit followed by a final polish


For Contrast:

Finish to a 3000 grit.

Acid treatment for 3 minutes at 55C (Suggested acid is Sulfuric)

Neutralise in Sodium Bicarbonate


Supplied Surface Ground in 4mm x 35mm x 320mm Annealed with No Etch

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