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Pelican Paste

What is Pelican paste?

It is a new hardening wax designed to protect your knives, cutting boards, leather goods etc. It is specially designed for long-lasting protection for your blade steel. Will not easily rub off with simple cutting and slicing.

So if you have a knife or tool that you want to protect from the elements and from rust, Pelican paste is your new best friend. It is great for Damascus Steel!

Pelican Paste is 100% food safe and made with all-natural ingredients. No petroleum byproducts ever!


You can simply take a small amount with a lint-free cloth and rub it on your knife steel, handle or tool.

For best results, heat wax with a heat gun or hair dryer to allow the oils to get better penetration. I like to let it sit overnight to allow the wax to harden fully. any excess can just be wiped off.


1 order includes one 3-ounce tin. Each tin is approximately 3 ounces of wax.

Get more with 50% MORE with Pelican Paste! Others only sell 2 oz tins.

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