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Stuarts Micrometer Engineers Marking

Stuarts Micrometer Marking Engineers Blue is a non-abrasive, easily spreadable marking paste, whose versatility, makes it the chosen product engineers turn to whenever they meet a difficult or unusual marking application.

It contains a high concentration of pure Prussian Blue in a grease based paste, and leaves a highly visible, bright mark which can be used for a variety of applications including identifying hi-spots on bearings and marking contact areas between mated surfaces etc. 

This paste can also be thinned with Methylated Spirit to create Layout Fluid; essential for scribing clear and precise lines.

Stuarts Micrometer Marking contains no harmful chemicals and can be applied with a finger and not affect the skin. It is easily wipe-able of metal parts and is soluble in soap, detergent and water. Apply sparingly, due to the high pigment content as a little goes a very long way!


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