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Heat Treatment by Shing Chan

Heat treating is the process of making a soft piece of martensitic steel hard. Virtually all steel suitable for knife making is supplied in the soft or annealed state and must be heat treated to make it hard enough to work as a knife. 


I provide a heat treating service for knife makers. As a full time knife maker myself, I know the importance of a good heat treat to get the best performance from the steel I am using. I have a digitally controlled kiln that heats the blades very accurately, accurate temperatures are essential to get the best performance from any steel and avoid brittleness or lack of hardness. Blades are quenched in liquid nitrogen to make them harder and tougher. 


I have heat treated hundreds of blades of my own making and other peoples. There is no minimum quantity, I can heat treat a single blade. The price starts from £8 for a single blade up to 200mm long overall including return UK postage. I can also heat treat springs for slip joints.


Please contact me at 07542890690

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